Marilia Paraschou

Marilia Paraschou

Filing of Sales / Donations / Mortgage Declarations December 2020

The Department of Lands and Surveys announced that due to new COVID-19 virus and the very serious epidemiological picture in Cyprus, all requests and applications for Sales / Donations / Mortgage Declarations that are pending to the District Land Registry Offices from 11th of December 2020 will be process until the end of the year. New requests will be accepted and proceed from the 4th of January 2021, except in very urgent cases.

All the Provincial Land Registry Offices will be open to the public to only for very exceptional cases of Sales / Donations / Mortgage Declarations, which may, if studied and deemed extremely necessary, be processed before the end of the year.

The Department of Land and Surveys called on the public to show the necessary patience and understanding.

Should you wish to receive more information, contact us.

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